This semester, Rapid Prototyping Team is creating a three-wheeled autonomous robot with object detection and avoidance capabilities. The team is currently designing the chassis for the robot and is in the process of sending it to 3-D print in order to be manufactured. They are now working with Arduino to incorporate movement capabilities by creating algorithms to control continuous servo motors.


     Once that is completed, they will utilize Ultrasonic and IR Reflectance sensors to employ the object detection functions. In addition, they are designing the circuit needed to power the motors, sensors, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. Their next step consists of assembling the robot’s body and debugging any potential problems with their sensors and movement abilities.


   During their first semester in Spring 2016, team lead, Akram Gholami, and team members designed and built EleGator, with the ability to climb stairs and navigate human environments, which has notably been a major challenge for mobile robots. The video and images below are of last year's project, EleGator:

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