Current Projects

BattleBots is a group that designs and builds beetle-weight brawling robots in small teams. There is a competition within the club at the end of Spring semester where the teams will fight each other, with the possibility of competing in some local competitions.


During Fall semester, they will be designing and conceptualizing their bots.

SMT Forge

SMT Forge is an integrated solution for prototyping and small scale manufacturing of circuits that use SMT ( Surface Mount Technology) components.

SMT Forge = PCB milling + Pick & Place +Solder Paste Dispensing + Reflow Soldering

This project was created with the purpose of creating an affordable, all-in-one machine that could potentially turn into a startup.

Rapid Prototyping Team

Rapid Prototyping Team (RPT) is a team designed to build a project every semester. With the success of its first project, EleGator, RPT has continued on a new design for this semester.


They will be designing, building, and testing a three-wheeled autonomous robot with object detection and avoidance capabilities.


The ASABE (The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) is a student organization for robotics design competition. ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition is a student design event, where students try to simulate a fully autonomous robotics solution to a common agricultural process.


ASABE is active in the Spring and Summer semesters as they receive their new task during Spring semester.


Workshops covers a number of robotics related topics such as building circuits and using micro-controllers. This Fall, workshops will focus on teaching robotics from a holistic/systems perspective, including lessons on the mechanical, electrical, and software sides of robot design.


A final project will be given at the end in order to allow participants a chance to use their new skills in these three areas.

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