Gator Robotics has always been a club dedicated to bringing students diverse projects that peak their interests. Check out our past projects below.




Our most recent finished project, EleGator was designed by Rapid Prototyping Team in Spring 2016. EleGator is a 3-D printed, triple-bended cross robot designed with the ability to detect, approach, and climb stairs. Machine vision techniques were used to detect stairs and send signals to its motors in order to approach stairs. Elegator’s design consists of a chassis and four wheels, with each wheel coupled directly to a high torque, servo actuator. Everything is powered by a 5V rechargeable battery pack. The servo motors get their control signal from the Raspberry Pi, which sends a signal based on the camera feedback.

Project Lead:

Akram Gholami




A robot designed in the spirit of UF game days. Not just to test our chops, but to potentially make them. This robot cooks hot dogs and burgers on its autonomously controlled grill while dispensing refreshing beverages beneath it. Three iterations of this amazing robot have been designed and built by our students. Its electronics are designed in-house, with only its chips taken off the shelf. This project was completed in December 2015.

Project Leads:

Haley Stoner – Mechanical
Adam Holtzapple – Mechanical
Jordan Hadeed – Mechanical
Tavio Guarino – Electrical
John Varela – Electrical

Project Update 2018

After being lost and recently found in a terrible state among the rotting logs of a local fraternity's run-down shed, Gator Robotics is preparing a team to revitalize and restore TailGator to its former glory. Stay tuned for further details!




Dubbed the [unofficial] mascot of the College of Engineering, Otto is the reincarnation of a robot built in 1957 for an engineering fair. Sporting his sheet metal jersey and foam finger hand, this spirited robot will always be the Gators’ number one fan!

Project Lead:

Aaron Oswald

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