BattleBots is a group designed to compete in combative-style tournaments. The nature of the project, based on the television show BattleBots, is to design and build beetle-weight brawling robots in small teams. There is a competition within the club at the end of Spring semester where teams will fight each other.  

   Last Fall, BattleBots created two 3 lb. robots made specifically to fight each other. The members were divided into teams, one which built a rotating saw blade design, dubbed “Annihilagator”, and another a clamping design named “Chomp.” It is now going into its third year and after successfully hosting an inter-group robot competition on campus during Spring 2017, the group will be moving onto competitions around Florida over the summer. 

   The team is currently in the design phase with four new teams in the 3 lb. weight class. The teams have finished their preliminary SolidWorks models and will submit full proposals for their projects within the month. The leads will then choose two to three designs that will be built to compete in Spring 2018. The senior members of the project team are working on a preliminary design for a 12 lb. robot, but are still in the conceptual phase.

Below are images last year's competition showcasing Annihilagator and Chomp and their respective teams:

Project Leads:

Gerilynn Rossman - Co-Lead

To Be Announced Co-Lead

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