(American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering)

   The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) team is a recent addition to the Gator Robotics family and is now the club’s third competition team. ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition is a student design event, where students try to simulate a fully autonomous robotics solution to a common agricultural process. ASABE is active during Spring and Summer semesters since they receive their new task during the spring and compete during the summer.  

   Last year’s competition was to simulate a full primocane suppression and selective floricane removal pruning operation using autonomous robots. The competition required teams to develop robots which can selectively cut irregularly distributed raspberry canes colored in yellow and green, to a given row density and remove the cut plant material from the rows to clear debris.

Here is more detailed information on last year's task:

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Hao Gan
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